May 9, 2013

A quickie.

It's the strangest thing in life when someting you saw so idealistically becomes entirely the opposite.   I know your parents tell you to 'always put yourself first'-- I'd like to add that this might mean you go down a road less traveled with just a few people for good company.  And if you pick the right few, you won't even mind a bit.

I've been busy these last few weeks, blogging loves.  I've moved, quit my job, and filtered out a lot of negativity in my life.   I've noticed that when you eliminate things that were clouding your vision, you see things more clearly, more sensitively.  The world has so much charm and color, and I can't fathom why someone would spend their life looking toward darkness instead of soaking in the sunshine.   I started to blog a few times, but I am so particular, and it wasn't just so.  Silly isn't it?  We're so critical of ourselves sometimes.


Laugh if you must, but this new couch is one of my favorite purchases.

Also thank goodness for good friends to help you..

And kitty snuggles...

Because we were so sick of moving.

Your mid twenties are the most romantic, charming, confusing, and perhaps in my case 'selfish' years.  I am so easily satisified and so focused on a better version of myself.  I don't mind that everyone else is moving at different wavelengths, where I am seems like such a great spot to be.

Hope life is awesome for you all. Xo


  1. Haven't been keeping up with my blog reading for awhile but I am loving your new layout!

    1. I have been guilty of that as well! Welcome back :) Thank you for reading.

  2. Good luck with these new changes you are making! It is hard sometimes to be our "best selves" - but so worth it!

    1. It's an ever-changing journey isn't it? So fulfilling though. :) Thank you so much for reading.