Nov 23, 2012

With you, I'm safe

First things first!!  ***A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY BEST FRIEND HANNA FOR REVAMPING MY LITTLE BLOG FOR ME!  I love a good facelift. And I love my best friend.  You can read her blog here!!

The best is yet to come.   How awesome does it feel to say that with confidence?  It feels like I could collect a handful of people who might agree that it's inevitable that once you get one area of your life stable, another area seems to need some spring cleaning.  The best is, most certainly, yet to come. And knowing that I am working hard to mold the people I want to share my best with, that's a relief too.    I have always used holidays as an assessment tool--in part because it's a sign of another year coming to an end, but also because I can measure how I've grown as a person by throwing me in a room full of people who have seen the good, bad, and ugly version of me (no seriously though, ask my poor family about the 6-8 years of awkward mullet haircuts they endured because my mom thought they were 'fashionable').   I've learned that you need to shake of criticism from people who they know you--maybe when they never did at all or maybe because they knew a brief moment of you.  Life isn't meant to be an all or nothing victory between bliss or bitterness.

This Thanksgiving, I sat at two very different Thanksgivings--one for my family and one for Bryan's.  And I stood there I began thinking that even the most new, uncomfortable experiences are easily comforted by the company of someone who you feel so familiar and steady with.  I know I'm head over heels in love with someone, and that's really all I know for sure.  And when it comes to happiness, well, sometimes life is just okay, sometimes it's uncomfortable, sometimes it's wonderful, sometimes boring--but if there's one thing working with people in crisis has taught me--it's that it's a gift, each day.   I can't say it enough-- you make me laugh and feel free.  That's such a new, easy feeling even though I've felt it for months and months.  To me, love is finding someone who takes your already established happiness and launches it into the most breathtaking sunset each and every day of your life.  It's sleepovers with your  best friend, every night.  It's uncomfortable situations and inside joke.  Love is me, and it's you.



  1. Hi! I found your Blog through your 20SB discussion, and I'm super happy I did. I love it so far, your writing is great and I love the inspiration behind each post... Looking forward to following your Blog from NOW on...

    Oh, by the way, it's super cool that your BFF is also a Blogger! I've been following Hanna's posts a well! I don't have any "real life" Blogger friends, so for that, I am jealous.

  2. Awe you're the sweetest. Thank you for the kind words and for reading. I'm off to explore your blog now!

  3. I often find the holidays sparking up year reflections with me as well. Until one year it hit me in July, so I just had Christmas in July that year ;) I love your writing, and love each posts' content. Great ideas, great creativity, and beautiful girl. Keep up the good work.

    Rica xx

    1. You're a sweetie. Following you now. Thanks for reading!!