Oct 2, 2012

Oh just a few odds and ends.

You know what's awesome about being comfortable with someone?  You're never bored out of your mind--you can lay around aimlessly and still have the time of your lives.  We sing for long amounts of time, one of us usually making the words to the song inappropriate and hilarious. We poke, lick, tickle each other for no reason, burst out laughing in dead silence, make stupid faces, call each other names, tell jokes that aren't funny, trip over our own feet, and I can't imagine what people might think if they heard the conversations we have--I contemplate making a tumblr or writing a book/blog. 

We're pretty awesome, I know.
This weekend that just passed, I attended a wedding for a friend.  And it made me start thinking..life changes every minute of every day.  You lose and gain people in your life and in the midst you find a good group that are the glue that hold you together.  They're patient, loyal, and a heck of a good time.
So glad this is (part of) my group!
  The bottom line through all this rise and fall lately is this:  I am the kind of gal who knows how to be happy--even when it's tough, even when I'm sad.  That's more important than any of us could have realized.  

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  1. Oh I love gushy posts! You're so right. As I read this my guy is using my thigh as a pillow, we're tangled in blankets and watching TV... We're breathing fire from a spicy supper and haven't said much to each other in a while, but everything is just so perfect and comfortable. :)