Jul 8, 2012

Re: Summer Nights

Life has been a weird whirlwind of change lately.  It's that kind of little change that just barely seems measurable until a small series of events reminds you how much you've grown or changed.  I think sometimes we're so impressionable growing up that we think we'll just wake up one day, knowing who we're supposed to be, what we're supposed to be, and where we're supposed to be. 

Yesterday at a birthday gathering for some friends, it became painstakingly clear how grown up we're all becoming.  Not just these particular friends, but those friends who continue on in different life stages with you.  Some of us are on the right path, some of us aren't sure if we've gotten off course, some of us are in the midst of changing paths.  Ultimately it was refreshing to know that no matter how much time lapses, no matter what fortunate or unfortunate life events occur, you can bring us back together and we'll blend together the same or better.   We're getting good at knowing what is possible and tangible in this crazy adult life.  We're getting more and more aware that time might lapse but friendships can continue.  Part of growing up is growing more patient about the time you don't have for yourself or others.  Our summers are still full of starry nights, but slowly begin to rid itself of careless freedom.    It remains full of smiles, flushed cheeks, and a kind of laughter that heals you deep inside.   Your bond is permanent. 

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