Jun 17, 2012

Fathers Day

There are some sacrifices in life that you can never repay someone for. The years go by.  Every single second passes so quick and it seems like nothing special, seems so insignificant at the moment.   But when you’re looking back after the time accumulates, after it passes--well it turns out that it's everything.....  
You don't know it yet, Dad, but I carry the lessons that you taught me with me everyday--about hard work, about dedication, about loyalty, about being a good person and doing the right thing.   You taught me about what it's like to put yourself second for the sake of a days work.   You taught me unconditional love, even when it meant you wouldn't ever have any kids of your own, or a son you desperately wanted to teach things to and share things with.   You've supported me even when my ideas are stupid and reckless, always answering in the middle of the night when I'm in crisis.   

I'm grateful for the bad relationships you supported me through, the apartments you moved me in and out of, and the millions of times you've bit your tongue.  I still laugh thinking about the number of times you've sent me to a hardware store or supply company where I'll scratch my head and look confused-- nor will I forget the number of times you've made me imitate the noise my car is making for your own enjoyment instead of diagnostic purposes.  I will continue to laugh at the number of car deer incidents you've bailed me out of (and laughed at).

You give good hugs, have a heart of gold, and I can't even begin to touch on your patience.  I only hope some day to be half the person you are.  It's easy to become a father, it takes a strong decent man to be a dad.  I love you.

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