Jun 11, 2012


"no one likes silences. maybe it's because when it's quiet,
people are forced to think and they're scared, so they cover it up
by making something out of nothing"

(Un)Noteworthy things:

1) I'm so smitten, I make myself sick.  Sorry in advance that I'm not sorry if you're sick of reading it.  The way I see it, I've helped you all a time or two ;) so you can hack it right?

2) Treated myself to a homemade pedicure with a beer in hand-- Classy huh?  I'm so classy, in fact,  I painted them "Silver Mercedes". 

3)  Someone who you find meaningful can still hurt you, no matter how invalid the statements they say are.   Tough skin or not, it keeps me up at night.

4) I'm in a relationship where I have yet to feel like I had to edit a single thing about myself.  One of my biggest flaws is feeling like some part of me isn't good enough.  That's (thus far) not happened here and I can't even tell you how GOOD it feels to wake up knowing that everyday.  

5) My job has been so much unnecessary stress lately-- not sure what I can or should do about that in this particular economy, except surround myself with people who love me and make me laugh when I'm not there.   I generally love what I do, but money and a crappy economy can turn people a little bit vicious.  I dislike that.

6) I want to hug my best friend in the worst way.  Can we start a website to raise money for her to come home for her birthday?  Cool thanks.

7) I know that I am terribly obsessed with my dog, but her snore melts my heart.  

8)  I am not the least bit embarrassed that I am jamming to Brandy right now.  6th grade Amanda was obsessed.

9) I took my boyfriend down memory lane to stroll the years of Amandamullets.  Yep, that's right folks.  My mom had my hair chopped into a spiked mullet for kindergarten (because I wouldn't let her brush it.  Think Rod Steward) and as the years progressed, she let it grow longer on top and permed it.  I told her I hated her, and while it's hilarious NOW I probably meant that.

10) I am singing loudly at the top of my lungs.  I bet my cousin, who sleeps across the hall, really appreciates that since he has to be up early. (LOVE YOU!) 

Bet you're glad you took the time to read this huh?   Welp, sorry bout' that.  Was fun for me.


  1. I really like that picture of you and ya maaaan friend. Also, we COULD start a website for me to come home, but I'd have to fuckin make it bahahaha

    1. Make it up then .. aren't you busy doin' free stuff haha. I'd obnoxiously post the link daily until some sorry bastard bought you a ticket out of pure hope that I'd shut up :)

      ps. You need to go to Rock City with me if time allows while you're home.

  2. Honestly didn't. Even hear you singing and I was up most the night. But yes I love the whole mullet thing it must have been cool though because I had one too.

    1. Awkward years are required to be cool in adulthood right? And sorry you were awake too! I woke up at 1 and watched old episodes of Glee lol