May 20, 2012

Reader Participation

If you ask me to pick things I love about people that matter to me,  I would be exploding with options--my moms great hugs, my dads laugh, Lacey's sense of humor, my boyfriends refreshing optimism, Hanna's infectious case of the giggles, Morgan's youthful energy, Trisha's ability to remind you where you came from,  Megan's out-of-this-world sense of humor, April's impeccable ability to know (before you even do) the things you need to hear, James' awkward compassion, Lindsay's empathy,  Gina's relentless spirit-- my list could go on for days.  I have fantastic people in my life--if I didn't include you here, ask me.  I will tell you my favorite things about you-- about your life, about your heart.  Everyone deserves to hear what's awesome about them.   I'm good for that-- that's one thing I love about me, and often what others learn to despise about me.  I have no qualms in saying the things people think are mushy and too affectionate. If you do things for the right reasons, those good things come back to you.  There's nothing I believe more.  Can you imagine how it might change people to know that there are things that are wonderful about them?

What I'm not good at is telling someone what I need, what I feel, what I fear.  I sometimes am fearful that I will be ordinary, my "things" (characteristics) not unique to someone. I am afraid of ruining a perfectly good person with all of my burdens, with all of these things I worry about.  I guess that's why I write.  

I want to make one of these:

I love that tomorrows are like second chances.  I love that moment that someone says something so perfect, it floods you with such warm fuzzies you might burst.  I love hearing children laughing.  I can't help but laugh and love reciting some of my favorite comedy quotes.  I love a kiss that catches you off guard.  I love this puppy quietly snoring, and I love knowing things without saying them.

 Tell me things you really love about this life, if you're still following, if you're still reading.

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  1. I love that no matter how sad, empty, tired or angry I am- a simple "Love you Mommy, kiss" from Brynnley- or when Elliot finds the perfect spot under my neck and falls asleep there- puts more love and hope back into my life. I love their innocence, their purity and compassion for life's simplest things. I love trying to look at the world through my childrens eyes... to see happiness in the most random things. To appreciate being happy, healthy and alive. I love life because I'm a Mom and no matter how hard life seems at times, my biggest accomplishment will always be my children and that they are here to look me in the eyes and remind me of that every single day :)

    p.s. Thank you for what you said. Love you xoxo