Apr 3, 2012

10 random thoughts/confessions

" This place is paradise I'm sure, here's my reservation
I've gotten lost here once before
Inside a good vibration " 

10 Random Thoughts/Confessions:

1= My dad wears flannel, has a pony tail, and is the coolest dude ever.   He has a heart of gold and is a man of very few words.  How he handles my consistent jabbering, I'll never know.  Did I mention he's actually my step dad?  He's been around since I was about age 4.  Has never ever once made me feel like we were anything but blood related, and we're strangely similar.  Eternally grateful for his love, acceptance, patience, knowledge.

2= I colorize my closet.  I am so color oriented when it comes to clothes.  I'm not real experimental with orange, and I have WAY to much black and teal.

3= I use an electric blanket so I don't have to wear pants to bed.  It makes me mad when I'm trying to move around and they get caught up in my blankets.  Judge me, It's okay. 

4= I am a walking health issue.  I try adamantly to not let people know this, because I think they'll start making exceptions for me or let my illnesses define me.

5= I have the cutest dog on the planet.  Sometimes when I am unable to sleep, I listen to her quiet snoring.  It's incredibly weird/soothing.

6=On tough days I try to remember that someone will love me when I'm old and wrinkly. They'll kiss my forehead and share my best moments. Today's stress will be virtually insignificant. The prospect of that is just so uplifting. Girly huh?

7= I have recently been diagnosed with RBS (Restless Body Syndrome).  That's like Restless Leg Syndrome but it happens in your whole body.  It makes it so I am almost never in a resting state.  I hate everything about it.   I wish people would stop telling me to relax, it's like a cruel joke.

8= I was the most boyfriend obsessed obnoxious soul-less person in high school.  How my friends dealt with me, I'll never know.  They deserve a medal.

9= I know they say good things come to those who wait, but maybe good things pass by those who are waiting patiently for what they hope might be a good thing?

10= Double Jointed --> I am like a bendy freak show.  I often gross people out.  Amanda The Science Project.

Bet you're glad you read all that right?  Hmm.  Tonight's Sabres win negates my bad day, no matter how much it seems to be weighing on me.    Happy Tuesday lovies.  Sweet Dreams.

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