Feb 1, 2012

I'm dancing til dawn, I'm fooling around, I'm not giving up

And I cannot remember what life was like through photographs,
And trying to recreate images life gives us from our past
And sometimes it's a sad song
But I cannot forget, refuse to regret
Somehow I met you

Disclaimer:   This blog isn't a declaration of anything, it's simply a way for me to look back on a situation, a moment.   For someone who has the capability of making you feel special without even trying....

There's something to be said about someone who invigorates you--someone who gives you a new energy or a renewed energy for something you've lost.    There's something about that feeling you get inside you when you're inspired by someone.  The rhythm of a good conversation, the tingles you get from someones smiling face, that little feeling you thought you might have turned off.   That chemistry of hand in hand, the feeling of your breath quickening, your heart beating faster.   I felt myself come alive--and every rule I had I was making exceptions for.  I think there's signs of life inside this fickle heart and restless mind, my colors are starting to show.  Seems like that's always the way right--the rules we make to prevent someone from getting in are the ones that bend for an easy admission.   I think the bottom line is that in the middle of thinking you've leveled off and reached a good spot to take a deep breath, life comes along and reminds you that there's so much more living to do.   I have never had big dreams like other people have--I've had what I'd considered humble ones--small changes that make a larger ripple of change.  I think I minimize all that I've accomplished.  I'm a firm believer that life is like an echo--and what you send out, you get back. 

I have been told lately that optimism can be toxic.  I have bad days, angry days, lonely days, hopeless days--but it seems silly to me to broadcast that to the world.  Those are mainly my feelings to deal with, my ducks to get into a row.  I reach out to the appropriate people when necessary, but in general I like to share my happiness with the world.  I want to remind them that it gets sunny again and that life can be magical.  It can be, it's not every day.  I only let someone see the things I want them to see.   It is incredibly sad to me when someone can't find the light at the end of the tunnel.  It's there I promise.  Every negative has a positive. 

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