Jun 13, 2011

Every Feeling, Every Word, I've Imagined It All

3 Favorite Things About This Week:

1) Smooches: From the cutest god daughter a girl could ask for, from the sweetest boyfriend who came along so unexpectedly, and from the silliest little puppy who hogs my bed and slurps my face.

2) Sunshine when your thinking about rain: This morning I got to thinking about a friend who passed away. You never notice the ways people have weaved their way into your head until you can't really hug them and thank them. Some music shuffled on that made me think about him and just when my heart started to get that ache that reminded me he was missing, the sun came in through my window in the prettiest way and it reminded me that he wouldn't want you to do anything but smile. Even if it was a brief moment that I knew him, I got to know him for that brief moment and it matters so much to me. Thinking of you M.F.

3) Music That Moves You: Lately I've been putting on Pandora at my desk and just letting everything else float away while I work. I have found things that I can't stop listening to. "Something To Believe In" by Parachute, Hold My Heart by Sara Bareilles, Till It Happens To You- Corinne Bailey Rae, Reason Why by Rachael Yamagata, or relived favorites like "Secret" by Maroon 5. Just can take me to a whole new level of happy.

I'm not saying things in my life are always beautiful, I just think I'm getting a good grasp of when to recognize, hold on, breathe deeper, plant my feet instead of run, stand up instead of fall back, and let you know when you've crossed the line instead of bending down in fear of losing something the way it is in that instant. There's a lot of tough stuff in life, but the things that are naturally awesome (your best friends ability to make you laugh out loud, a child's resiliency, the smell of fresh cut grass, the way it feels to take a deeeeeeeep breath when things stress you out, how the sunshine can warm your heart, not just your body) should weigh enough to keep you afloat. Life is quite a bit about the way you perceive it, the way you're willing to pursue it, the way you embrace it.

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  1. dear amanda grace,
    i love reading your outlooks on life or your little one line quotes, fyi you inspire me and i wish i lived jin new york again so we could be closer. always smile girl cause if anyone eveer deserves happiness its you.