Jun 5, 2011

Consider this a mental note

-almost always your dream destination turns out to be the opposite of where you end up and its the best detour you ever took. The best things in life tend to be exceptions to the rules we've set for our lives anyway.

-if there's one thing i've noticed, it's that people struggle when they've settled for something (object, job, relationship, romance) in hopes to feel full & it only makes them feel more empty.

-one of the most rewarding and reassuring things I take pride in is that while most of my peers my age are married/with child, I was responsible enough to recognize I wasn't ready yet and needed to both understand who I was entirely and be able to make myself happy in order to find companionship for the RIGHT reasons. I'm convinced this will save me a giant headache later and perhaps take the place of a mid-life crisis.

-life is awfully colorful lately. I won't disclose too much except to say I had quite a few sleepless nights wondering who would do something like this to me.. I refuse to let the anxiety I feel swelling in my throat prevent me from being happy. Period.

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