May 14, 2011

You let that rain cloud follow you around, I'll keep shining.

Five Current Feelings:

1) Loathing - for my internal alarm clock which now lets 8am be my limit for "sleeping in". No matter when I go to bed. I am officially old.

2) Nostalgia-ie. missing Fredonia as this time last year I was graduating and feeling on top of the world. Your statuses are making me sad you punks!

3) Excitement- I get to get Lacey ready for her prom today. I don't miss being 17, but I do often feel like I'm missing out by not having siblings to share experiences like this with. Grateful to have her around.

4) Freaked Out- For my entire life thus far I have always LOVED children. My family has 5,000 of them. Never have I had the baby itch. I think it's my job, but that's happening. And it's making me want that to stop quickly please. Ew.

5) Blessed- I'd say lucky but it's not by accident that I have so many amazing people in my life. They're put there to help you, hug you, hassle you, and handle you.

Other noteworthy words:
Curiosity. Disgust. Ambition. Frisky. Photographs. Puppies. Mirroring.

Lastly: Ride for Roswell Page:
Please help--even if it means handing over your 15$ drinking fund. Thank youuuuu.

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