Apr 3, 2011

Coping, Compassion, Conquering

Top Five Things That Make Me Out Of This World With Emotion Lately:
1. (Emotion/Feeling: hilarity. ie. I get the giggles just thinking about it) My dad's "version" of the song "Grenade" by Bruno Mars. I wish I could remember specifically, but it went something along the lines of "I'd catch a hand grenade for ya, go into outer space for ya..". And in case you're wondering, my dad cannot sing. Is he a man of many talents? Absolutely. Singing is not one of those.

2. (Emotion/Feeling: nervousness. ie. I feel like I might throw up when I think about it) The fact that tomorrow I re-enter the working world at a new job. It's only orientation so tomorrow I might not feel like dying a little. I worry more about how hard I'll be on myself instead of their expectations. I am always my own biggest critic when it comes to the professional world. I am doing my best to welcome this experience with open eyes and open arms.

3. (Emotion/Feeling: Excitement ie. I get a bit antsy thinking about it) We're on the tail end of snow here in New York. Despite everyone else griping, the end of winter season here is something that makes me happy. We get soft dustings of snow, but the temperature is warmer. And then slowly, you watch everything melt away. It makes me think toward summer--margaritas..pool floaties..bonfires. '

4. (Emotion/Feeling: Frustration ie. feeling like I'm sometimes my own worst enemy) I've been doing some self-exploring (when aren't I?) and I've learned that I self-sabotage. As much as I know being able to recognize my insecurities is a strength, I find it more frustrating than not because I see myself doing the something I dislike and have to redirect. Long story short--think less, live more.

5. (Emotion/Feeling: Grateful ie. feeling like the luckiest girl in the world) I've been blessed with these last few months to myself (despite the fact that it made me broke) because it gave me time to analyze myself and some other scattered relationships that I needed to weed out. I've found some things about myself I really needed to work out, got time to figure out who is mixing in my life and who might be feeing in to ill feelings, and spend some much needed time with my family.

And a list of a few of my favorite things/best feelings ever... or at least the ones that are currently coming to mind:
  1. Fresh out the shower feeling

  2. When someone that gives you warm fuzzies holds your hand.

  3. Having "on the fly" plans work out and become a new favorite memory

  4. The moments when your so tired you barely remember your head hitting the pillow

  5. Singing something obnoxiously girly (Ie. "show me love by Robyn, but thats onnnnly an example) loudly in the car with your favorite girls.

  6. Finding the words to say what's weighing heavy on your heart or head.

  7. Writing. Always.

  8. Curling up in bed on a lazy Sunday with the cutest puppy ever.

  9. Finding someone who can see your point of view (or challenge you to see theirs).

  10. That moment when you realize that most of the things you thought you couldn't live without, you already have been anyway.


  1. Your Future Husband4/3/11, 11:09 AM

    This list ensures that I'm supposed to marry you haha

  2. p.s. dont worry about tomorrow just chill and have fun. the only thing you really had to worry about was getting a job and you got that far sooo relax you'll do great. also, i finally found some steady side carpentry work too *high five