Mar 28, 2011

I can't sleep but I sure can dream

If there's one thing that's true about me, it's that I'm fickle. But when I find something I care about I become loyal and dedicated to the cause/person/job/idea. I'm grateful that the next thing I can become invested in is my new job (start on Monday) and I can stop having so much time with my brain to sort out things that time will sort out.

However I am, gratefully, an easily entertained individual. We used to wait around at doctors a lot when I was little (or even now for that matter) and I would make up games to occupy myself. The more populated the more fun. I would play "fake award games" to myself (or with my mother). You could name the person in the room with best hair, worst dressed, most likely to be a home wrecker, etc. I still do this sometimes when I'm waiting--and God forbid you take me to Wal-mart. Most people are wrapped up in shopping, I'm giving them fake awards (some of shame).

Lastly, someone facebooked me and asked me if I'd write about the "ideal" soulmate. Here goes:

I fall easily for an optimist. Someone who cares what they look like, but isn't afraid to pig out in the couch with me in sweat pants. If you make me laugh, you'll win my heart. I want someone who will remind me every day that worrying won't fix things in your life, just prevent you from enjoying it. Someone who understands that I get sidetracked incredibly easily and am incapable of sitting still for 15 minutes. I want someone who is as easily entertained as I am (because I've been in a relationship where the other person felt like I needed to entertain them). I would hope that they know that I see a fine line between commitment and restriction, but if you can reel me in, i'm in sanely loyal. I need a thinker, someone who can't always explain everything in their head because they could write a book about all the thoughts they're having at once. Someone who doesn't mind that I can't always say what I mean, but I can always write what I mean (and need to in order to be healthy). This could go on for ages, but I guess that's just little things that warm my heart.

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  1. I really like the idea of fake walmart shame awards, I'll never shop there the same way again!

    The beginning of your list resonates with me, I am a serious worrier but thankfully I have someone to remind me not to every day.

    I've also wondered about people who can easily explain what is going on in their head at any given moment, because I am usually thinking so many things at once that it would take too long to simply answer the question "what are you thinking?"