Mar 24, 2011

My love has concrete feet

I am unlike anyone you'll ever meet. Sure, I share likes and dislikes. I can find a common ground with someone who is completely the opposite of me. I may, at first glance, appear wholesome. I am the mediator. The person who can accept a new person in the group by choosing one feature that no one notices about them and taking a liking to it. My reason for saying this is- I wonder what is the something that people take a liking to about me? What is someones outside perspective of me? I sometimes boast about feeling self aware because I am constantly self-exploring, learning about myself every day-- but what if that's only my perception of who I am?
I value the people in my life because they're such a hodge podge, such a variety. They illuminate my life in all shorts of different perspectives and experiences. At the end of the day, I remember more about what my friends were quiet about than what my critics shared about me. Silence from those you love is either a comfort or a killer. I pay attention to where people are or how they react in their (or my) hardest moments, not just their best. It's easy to enjoy someone on their tough days. Look where they are on the tough days, that really defines someone as a person.

If you're reading, it would be nice to have some "perspective". You can leave the comments anonymously if you're concerned. Constructive criticism is an important stepping stone in this life. Thank you for continuing to bless my life.


  1. I am always impressed and inspired by your perpetual optimism. Perspective means so much. It is the difference between letting a shitty situation get the best of you and rising up against tribulations to make light of them and learn. I wish I could always see the good to take from any situation. You also aren't afraid of yourself, afraid to have alone time. I feel like I need to do that especially when I'm hurting, but I don't have the courage to face my thoughts. You never hesitate to introspect. I admire that. I don't have any constructive criticism to give you. More to come if I think of it later. Ha.

  2. OPTIMIST is an understatement.

  3. Your smile is contagious!