Jan 24, 2011

I'm crashing like a tidal wave

Sometimes it's all about perspective. Sure I have lost 18 lbs sine November (and lost my health insurance to figure out WHY), my agency closed, I battled funemployment for a month, the job market looks bleak, and I got in a car accident Saturday.. and I could totally dwell on those things.. but I think it's more relevant to note that I have met fantastic people, FINALLY gotten back to the person I've been working on being, improved my relationship with my family, settled out a lot of baggage from my past, and did I mention I smile an insane amount?

Let the little, fabulous, awesome things, be the big things. I'm not trying to coach anyone's life, just tell you how I'm choosing to live mine.

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  1. and had a reconciliation <-- is that a word? lol with a friend! :)