Jan 13, 2011

Feeling So Weightless

Ahhhhhh. You know the day after you do something spontaneous and it feels so satisfying? Just to take a step outside of your everyday norm to breathe and regroup. I've started to finally collect ideas in my head about where I'd like to take my life. Things I'd like to do. It feels so good to have taken this break to just collect my thoughts, be suspended in time even if its only in my head. It's allowed me to improve my relationship with my parents, to be there for friends who may need the extra laugh, extra hug. . . I think the bottom line is that lately I finally feel able to be exactly who I want to be with no limitations. If the floor falls through from underneath me now, I've been there before. I can use my own hands and knees to stand back up. I can sense that there's change brewing in my life (and while normally that makes me physically panic and think about all of the things about myself that I wish I had changed because they may not be good enough...) I'm okay with change. Bring on the sunshine, bring on the rain -- I can dance in either.

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