Dec 6, 2010

Taking me so much higher and leaving me..

Sometimes when I start to think about the people that have touched my life, I start to panic that I missed the little details I always love about people. Were their feet ticklish? What was their favorite movie? Is their laugh contagious? I value things about people that no one else probably really notices. Like the way my Biff sings in the car with me when no one else around or the laugh that Lacey has when she's nervous in a social situation. It's the little things..Little things make me smile like the way my dog lays toys on my face to wake me up and play or when I catch my favorite song on the radio and can sing it at the top of my lungs. But then it makes me wonder if anyone notices the little things about me, and what do they do with them? Store them in their head for a rainy day? Do they make the person feel warm inside, grateful for me the way I do for them? What do I have such an intense fear of being forgotten but such a strong need to keep everyone at arms length? Why am I always convinced that no matter what you say to me you'll always leave anyway?

You know those songs that just engulf you in them, make you feel completely consumed?
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