Dec 4, 2010

I'm fighting these fears as I find them true

Words can be daffodils
Or a fire in an open field
I'm sitting here in the ash
Your stupid words I can't take back.

La la la la la la la

These little lies

Lately I've been feeling this little empty space in me. I can't decide what fits there and I'd spent over a week rattling my cage about it-- but then I realized that sometimes it's okay to be missing a little piece, doing a little soul search. Sometimes it's okay to quit analyzing and just be. Maybe all it will take is a hug from my best friend in 20 short days to remind me about all the things I like about me and who I'm working toward being. I spent more time this weekend doing little good deeds for myself. It felt good to not do things because it's what other people wanted from me and start doing them because it's what would make me feel at home. I'm writing it more as a reminder to myself than a statement that I consistently "ruin the moment" by analyzing the action before it even takes place. I need less thinking and more being at times.

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