Mar 12, 2014

16 Weeks.

Must. Update. Blog. More...

Time passes much more quickly now that I don't measure days by how many I could get out of bed.  I have had some migraines the last few weeks that have really crippled me, but I have also had some days where I resume having energy long enough to do laundry or put on a full face of makeup and that is an accomplishment!  Migraines are the devil right?  I haven't had ones like this since I was in my teens but the doctor said that increased hormones will do that and hopefully it slacks off between weeks 18 and 20.

 I have struggled lately with my body changing shape.  I've had body image issues my whole life, so this isn't a surprise to anyone I'm sure.  I'm just looking forward to the day when it's evident this is a baby bump and not an awkward beer gut. It doesn't help to yell at me, or tell me things like how grateful I should be--but that doesn't deter people anyway.  I am thankful for a man that loves me no matter how terrible I feel about my quickly altering body shape.  I am thankful for friends who are excited to see and rub my belly and encourage some extra eating, as I've also struggled with that.

Bryan and I have been sharing in so much excitement with one another as we share ideas about nurseries (okay, that excitement is all me...Bryan is starting to give some input though), firm up our two name choices (hooray!), and read each week about meatballs growth and size (avocado this week!).  I have found that with increased emotions comes more realization that people weren't ever who you thought they were.   All I know is that there's this little life growing in me and I will be very choosy about who gets to be a part of that.  I can't wait to hold this little baby and sing to it and tell it about what a handsome, supportive, loving daddy they have!

We go Friday for a check up and to schedule the ultrasound to find out the gender!  I feel like I waited so long for that to get here, but it's honestly been no time at all.

Love you guys.  I'll work on more updates now that I can start to wrangle my emotions again.  Some people just have a way of really makin' ya feel low, ya know?

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