Jan 13, 2013

Be in my eyes, Be in my heart

Just when I forget how truly wonderful life can be, you remind me.

I know, shocker--I'm writing about love.  And I know everyone is at their own spot about love, and some might not care/might not want to read--but ultimately this blog isn't about the number of readers--it's about being true and relevant to myself.   And today is as good as any to tell you about my little love story.  I don't want to save it for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, because that's so cliche and our love is anything but typical.

If you looked at us, we're not the common couple.  Truthfully, I think that still baffles our groups of friends (both of which I love dearly) how we work.  Bryan is tall, burly, loves death metal, and thinks farts are hilarious.  I'm--well who am I really?  I'm 5'4 and none of those things, except madly in love with someone who is all of those things and much more. 

I think we often make the mistake of pursuing love.  You keep searching and searching, not being able to tell yourself what you need, just knowing what isn't right when you're stuck with it (We've all been there right?).   What we want is to be indispensable to someone, that mutual addiction--but you need it to be with someone who has their land legs--who knows who they are.  And what I've found in Bryan is a reciprocated fierce desire to make it work.  Never once has he said 'this isn't working' and instead has said 'how can we make this better'.   We've never expected one another to make the other 'happy' but I can certainly say that I feel fulfilled.  I found someone who makes me feel like everything else can be managed, if only we tackle it together--and that's been proven over and over again.  

What is love to you, readers?

To Me:

Love is endless hours of Mario, "Lost" marathons, Dexter dates, and exchanging the flu.   Love is feeling lifted from the good news from one another and knowing with no uncertainty that you've just seen the tip of the iceberg.  Love is taking too many pictures of your cat and not understanding why no one else thinks they're as awesome.  Love is 'surviving' social gatherings that you'd both rather run away from.  Love is picking up one anothers strangest habits (WHY DO I MAKE EVERYTHING INTO A SONG NOW).  Love is knowing each has a past and that while it's complicated, all of the elements set them up to be your other half.  Love is struggling to keep your eyes open until midnight and wishing you'd sleep in past eight.  Love is knowing you've not only found a lover, but a best friend.  Love is you, and it continues to baffle me that you're mine. 


  1. This post made me smile and go "aww." Love is the best and I'm glad you've found someone who fits you so well! Cute cute CUTE.

  2. its good to be happy, just be careful, you tried to describe yourself and all you said was that youre someone who loves someone else. im sure you have a lot of personalty and things that make you YOU, never lose sight of them.

    1. I didn't describe myself because this blog as an entity is about me, not because I couldn't. I appreciate your concern, but I haven't ever felt more sure of myself as a person and my ability to hold my own in a relationship.