Oct 18, 2012

A few words on memories

 I always swear I have a plethora of things I'm going to write about, but at the end of a long day, I'm not nearly as energized with ideas--decided I'm going to just write brief blurbs when they come to me now, much  more meaningful anyway.

It's so strange how much power we sometimes think a memory has over us.  A memory of a moment we thought was perfect before it all shattered, or a moment that was ruthless that we can't fathom putting behind us.  There used to be a point in my life where I would wince at a memory, literally wondering 'for how much longer will I have to remember  this?'.  And the funny thing about finding strength is that those same memories are still a hurtful dark time in my life, but I smile because MAN was I victorious.  That's just how I feel you have to sneak by those moments, by remembering that you can either stay flat on the floor praying that you don't have to see that memory again, or you can stand up--better yet, stand on it--so even if you have that memory again, you'll always be above it and it will always be beneath you.    Wise words of wisdom for the day friends.

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  1. Great little post. I recently wrote about the time my sister died. It is a painful, dark memory that I would love to forget... But then again... As much as it hurts to remember, it was a huge part of my life that I think defined me and my strength.