May 6, 2012

Woops, I've been a blogging slacker!

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."

Do you ever meet someone whose laugh instantly refreshes you?  I always thought "like a breath of fresh air" was a weird expression but the older I get the more strange phrases like that make sense.  I like warm fuzzies, forehead kisses, new perspective, cute text messages, and the feeling of feeling unique. If there's one thing I have learned, it's that people are quick to rain your parade because they've gotten tired of marching in their own.  I think it's silly the way those who have the most to say often sing until they're hoarse to everyone but the person they think needs to hear it.  I have a past, with dark corners and things I'm not proud of--it might not have always been pleasant, but it's over and it's mine.  I'm not looking for someone to solve those problems, I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind keeping me company while I deal with them. . I feel electric from all the happiness I have.  I am happy just being me, but it sure is a nice feeling to have you hold my hand.

I often wonder about the people who seem heartless, the amount of pain they must have endured to think their only option is to lash out the way they do.   Maybe it's just that this line of work helps me see priorities so much different than I did before, or maybe it's maturity sneaking in there but there are some things you're willing to hurt for, and there's some things you're silly for letting continue to hurt you.  Deciphering the difference is the key.

 This week off seemed like it flew by and was just long enough all at the same time.  My job can be so fulfilling more often than not, but it drains you emotionally.  Sometimes a few days to clear your head are essential.  I am excited to get back to work to see my kiddos.  Thank you to everyone who took a little time this week to see me, do fun activities with me, pig out with me, etc.


  1. Amanda Grace, you're truly graceful when you write about what is in your heart. Keep fighting the good fight, let the shit heads go f** themselves and you beautiful women never ever change. Like the new blog super nice!