Mar 4, 2012

And with every heart beat, I'm alive.

I've never been the type to be impressed by others possessions.   I just have never been materialistic that way.  I am so interested in your heart that your possesions mean little to nothing to me.   I have little to show for my time on this earth and will be of little interest if you measure life that way.   I'd never spend $400 on a purse and the idea of a fancy restaurant usually intimates me more than it does interest me.   I want to know what motivates, what invigorates, what infuriates.  I work with people because they fascinate me.  I know it sounds silly, but I really just want someone who can see my heart, my passion.  

I'd like to say that each person in my life brings a light, a special something I hold dear about them.  I know that life is about cycles, and sometimes it's just not possible to fulfill everyone who is in line waiting for your attention.  I think I value things about people that most people overlook.  I like being surrounded by all different types of people.  People who have something in common, people who are insanely different.  I am slow to build, letting down walls to let you see things I'm scared you won't accept. I'm strangely attached to people--never formally outing anyone from my life for the simple fact that I'm sure they're meant to teach me something.  I know not everyone functions that way, and it's probably for the better.  I just don't like thinking of someone who had significance as someone that I used to know.

For those of you asking about my progress as far as my earlier health concerns I'd discussed, waiting for physical therapy, waiting for the medication to do it's stuff.  Thus far, it's a waiting game.  I am grateful for those of you who have been loyal to me.  Chronic pain can make you nuts, depressed, angry, withdrawn.  I appreciate your patience.

I am a happy girl, with a lot to learn.  I give good hugs.  I am unique.  I am loyal.

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