Jan 3, 2012

cold feet, warm thoughts

Note Worthy Things! Happy Tuesday:

1. It's currently -12 here. That makes me sad. Also makes me ache

2. Words are a tricky thing--they can bring a person together, they can open Pandora's box, they can destroy someone. I try to use my words to help someone, and if I can't I at least make a conscious effort not to hurt them. Not everyone thinks like this--and I don't understand why.

3. Switching from (5) 8hr days to (4) 10hr days at work. I originally thought I would loathe that, but my day off is Wednesday, which gives me a nice split week.
4.What consumes your mind controls your life. This has never been more apparent to me.
5.Lots of people are afraid to say what they want, which is why they never get what they want. I need to be more conscious of this.
6.Although I'm a life long planner, it often doesn't help me anyway. Must focus less on making a plan B since it distracts from plan A anyway. Be more fluid.

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