Dec 31, 2011

I'm good, I'm good without you.

Goals for 2012:
-Say No More. I am so bad at this. Insanely loyal + insanely gullible = insanely taken advantage of.
-Stop dating boys that potentially have the crazies. Seriously. My brain needs to stop listening to my heart so much.
-Decipher between my willingness to help someone and their own willingness to help themselves. Don't be a safety net for anyone, especially those that rarely reciprocate.
- Get Healthy. Give up alcohol for 2(+) months while we get my health issues in order. It's going to be worth it. And thankfully I'm equally fun on red bull.

Mental Notes To Self: You cannot please everyone. Don't be afraid to take chances on someone that you think you're not good enough for. Also, don't try to invest time in someone who cannot invest themselves in you. If the thought of it makes you feel minimal, the actual time will too.

Hope that you're celebrating tonight! I'm spending time with a dear friend who is attending my college roommates wedding with me. I will be grateful to spend some time with her and ring in the new year with someone who defines hope to me.

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