Dec 18, 2011

Hi Blog-Reader-Friends!

Hi Friends.   Just a quick note as I'm prepping for the holidays to say thank you.  Reading here means you're loyal (or curious, which is fine too) to/about my life.    This year flew by for me-- I grew as a person, started a new job, created new friendship.  There are of course dark moments, weak moments, solemn moments--but I'd rather leave those in 2011.  This year it's about growing up, making better choices, and letting others influence me less in a negative way and more in a positive way.    If you read and wanted to contribute, you could leave me any of the following (it's anonymous, so here's your chance haha)

  • Things I could work on
  • Things I should stick with
  • Things I could write about
  • Things I need to stop writing about (though I may not listen haha)
  • Your goals for 2012
  • A memory we shared this year

Love you guys.  Thanks for all your support.


  1. You should stick with being awesome!

  2. You could work on staying beautiful.
    Stick with your honesty, stick with the truth.
    You can and will write about anything your heart desires!
    Stop writing about what to write about, just do it :P
    My goals in 2012 are the same as in 2011, only this year, one goal involving you has sprung up ;)
    1 Memory this year - you came, you saw, you left without poking me. Grr lol