Aug 18, 2011

On My Soapbox

6 Thoughts Lately Which Put My Life In Perspective:

1) I'm no relationship expert, I think it's evident that I am a walking disaster when it comes to that department, but I have met someone who come hell or high water is determined to be there even when I push away, even when I am miserable, even when I refuse to end an arguement. In addition, a bit of relationship advice about growing up: A boy makes a his his girl insecure and jealous because of other women. A man makes other women jealous of his girl.

2) "I'll be happy when..." is a bad plan. Be happy now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Life flies by considerably faster than we anticipate. Forgive quickly. Use compassion even when it requires you to grit your teeth. Let karma handle who deserves what. You can and should only navigate you and a few other minimal situations.

3) If you're looking for some "am I doing the right thing considering" focal points-- lets ask if the 8 year old version of our self, or our future 8 year old child would be comfortable with the decisions we're making, the progress we've made, etc. In 95% of cases, by refusing to grow up, you're not 'extending your partying years' or 'just living the good life' you're making an ass of yourself. Someone needed to say it, your welcome.

4) Take it from me after the last (hellish) week of my life: people will use you for a life preserver as long as you let them. Buy them a raft or some swimming lessons-- your limbs will soon be tired from swimming out to save them. Every one of them. Being a good person doesn't mean being unable to say No.

5) Perhaps the most damage we can do to ourselves is holding in the things that are eating us alive. There is always someone who will hug you when you're down, hold you when you cry, and listen when you think you're all alone. Don't give up. You're beautiful.

6) Children motivate me in a way I can't mention. Seeing their resiliency makes you wonder how you could ever complain about another thing in your life. Thanks Kate for sharing this link, which I'll share in case you need a smile:

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