Apr 10, 2011

What if there's always cups in the sink? And what if I'm not what you think?

Sometimes I forget that there are a million people with a heart as big as mine. It gives people lots of opportunity to know just what to say to win me over, but what I really need to pay attention to is their ability to know the little details about me. If they really care, they notice. There is no need for excuses, if they find something irreplaceable in you, they'll treasure you-- The most fantastic people in my life have these little quirks that I love. This world has so much to offer, if you don't like your options right now, wait 5 minutes, there's always more to see/do/love.

Speaking of love, I am my biggest critic but I also really love a challenge. My new jobs is challenging and intimidating, but also motivating. Who would have known that my biggest concern for my 2nd day of work would be if I could correctly put a carseat in the car, as opposed to my skills as a Social Worker. Being read to by an 8 year old = Highlight of my week. Even better that an 8 and 5 year old did the robot in the car to Taylor Swift. Kids make me feel renewed, remind me that optimism gives you everything. They are our future, and we should cherish them, nourish them, protect them, and celebrate them.

Love my life. Love that I'm getting this opportunity. Thankful for warmer weather. Embracing a new change.

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  1. And this is why I adore you and I notice