Mar 5, 2011

You're fighting the ghost of a good thing

I consider myself fairly tactful, so I'm going to say things vaguely in this post intentionally, more for a personal marker than a discussion piece.

The second that I stop being exactly who I want to be is the second I get myself into a situation I'm unhappy with. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy in that way. It needs to be like the oxygen masks on an airplane "please secure your own first before trying to help others around you". Period.

I am a giving, accepting person. Having said that, communication with me tends to be fairly easy. Bullshit excuses are not justifications. I am disappointed that I ever let your array of insults bother me when clearly I should have known that was projecting, literally.

As of late, I've been realizing more and more about what the last year has done for me-- I am more rigid about who I am (because quite honestly I like who I am) and that's led to me being careful about the jobs I'm applying for, decisions I'm making, company I keep (in some situations), etc. I may put myself out there far too much, but I sleep at night knowing I've said my part, I love fantastic people, and tomorrow is a fresh day to be something new.
Now I need to nap. I have a hot date (aka Megan haha) and we're hankering for some dancing and laughs.

Ps. I gained 8lbs! Can I get an AMEN?!

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