Nov 25, 2010

Shining Like Fireworks Over Your Sad Empty Town

There was this evening when I was little I curled up in my moms bed because my dad worked overnights and I was talking with my mom about how incredibly scared of the dark I still was. I had some traumatic things happen when I was little, and to this day I still am terrified of the dark. I will never forget my mom saying that shadows should be reassuring, because that means somewhere close by there is light. Maybe that’s something we can carry with us in all aspects. We shouldn’t be afraid of the shadows, because there’s light right around the corner.

I’ve been beating myself up lately about where I am in life and how little I have figured out. These last few days I’ve been in bed sick with the flu and I realized that those standards of “where I am in life” were created by someone who hasn’t been in my shoes, even for one single minute. The next week will bring me all kinds of news, but I know that standing on my own two feet hearing it, I am as alive as I’ll ever be.

Happy Thanksgiving My Little Loves.

Thanks so much for your kind words, time taken to read, and support.


Amanda Grace

I was looking up at the sky. It was intriguing and furtive all in itself. And it reminded me of life and the future. No one ever really know what's there or what its going to look like tomorrow. You just have to admire it for what it is. Sometimes it's bright and colorful and sometimes it's just cloudy and gray. It's everlasting, and while we may not find that to be true about life, we still wish for it.

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