Jun 16, 2010

New Beginnings

Life is a series of events that we can't necessarily piece together in the moment, but there's reason to the pattern--each step you take, each breath you take is leading up to something else. If there's one thing I've learned from my life it's that what initially seems like a series of unfortunate events turns out to be an epiphany of sorts and what seems to be your lucky streak is often life preparing for a slap in the face.

I haven't written about work yet... half because I'm not sure what is okay to share. I work in residential foster care as a case manager. Our kids are sent to us from PINS, Juvi, and Neglect petitions most often. The youth I work with is noted for their reckless behavior, hostile actions, aggression, gang affiliation, etc. The youth I work with have often been given up on, ran out of family resources, and have serious criminal charges.. Imagine the worst thing you got in trouble for at 16--and then think how much worse that might have been if no adult in your life cared what happened, who you hung out with, what time you were coming in, or what kinds of activities you were participating in...can you imagine your behaviors may be 80x worse?

The staff I work with tends to stereotype, tends to be jaded. I hear a lot about how "ten years here will do that to you". If that's the case, I'm not staying ten years. I want my heart to always be open to the population I'm serving--I want to always remain hopeful.

As to whether or not I like it, I like that each day is challenging, that each day is something new. I like the impact I have the possibility to make. This is not to be confused with "loving the organization" though it is going through some restructure. I'll keep you posted on the twists and turns...

Thanks for following. Means a lot that you're following me on my fresh start.


  1. And I am happy to be following you on your new journey

  2. love you best friend :) don't ever let anything take away your heart, it's ,y favorite part of you

  3. You love the smell of skunk?

    Are you sure you're OK?

    Happy "fresh" start. :)