May 4, 2016

A Letter To My Best Friend Before She Gets Married....

First, let me start by telling you (as I have a hundred times, you're probably rolling your eyes seeing this) that our friendship up until this point has been what others might call unusual, unconventional and incredible.  You're the first one to empathize with my crazy life, you have a chronic history of being the one to tell me my ex-boyfriends were douche bags (aren't you glad you don't have to do that again?), you've been the friend that will make t-shirts and booty dance with me, the friend who loved me in awkward high school years when I was so damn naive and lost.  You were the friend who'd solve any problem with a shopping trip or a drink, took on crappy college jobs with me, and were always down to for an ugly face game (now brought to you via snapchat.. hallelujah!).

Tomorrow, tomorrow-- it's the day I get to stand next to you, as I have through a majority of lifes highs and lows.  Tomorrow you'll make a decision, calculated and with conviction the way you follow all of your choices in life  Tomorrow, I will gleefully watch as you have found someone to 'be your other half', somewhat bitter sweet to write as we've been that for one another so much in life.  Though I haven't spent a great deal of time with Pepijn (you'll always be Pep to me my friend!), I've seen this calm in you when he's nearby.  I've seen him smile at your independence and comfort your anxieties.  I've watched as he negotiates life choices and varying emotions with ease.  That's all we could ever ask for in a life partner right, a best friend?  It's with great honor that I stand beside you tomorrow as you take this man to be your husband.   It is with great pride that I watch you find someone who doesn't make growing old seem like enslaving you to one another, but instead makes you look forward to being spirited and jovial together.

I'd normally say marriage is the end of an era, but we'd ended 'the era' of HanManda when our livers started giving us middle fingers, life took us to opposite sides of the continent, and I popped out a tiny human.  Make no mistake, I'm not even remotely sorry about any of it because it brought us to THIS era, the era of Mrs. Dekker, of cocktails at your loft apartment and of 10pm bedtimes with no regrets.  Thank you for being my life partner all these years.  I'm so proud to call you my best friend, to watch you join hands with this special someone who knows just by that smile in his eyes how lucky he is to call you his.  Congratulations Biffy.  I love you tons and tons.

Love, Neil

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