Mar 10, 2013

Reasons For Reclusion

"If we forgive others, we free our minds to dwell on better and brighter things. And we free our hearts to feel the love we're made to instead of the rage we create."

I've spent a lot of my time in my life knowing that I'm exceptionally open, considering the narrow-minded small town that I grew up in.  I grew up slow for the most part, the way a girl should.  Scared and niave but in what I'd consider the healthy ways.   I've always felt like people might underestimate me, but if I pulled them in close enough, they'd feel my warmth, sense my heart.  I know that can bite me in the ass too, but I'm prepared to have people let me down just as much as I hope to make a difference.   Having said all of that, I find that more and more in my adult life I'm starting to weed out those people who can't handle someone who isn't just like them.  I have trouble comprehending why you can't just steer clear of people who conflict with your aura, beliefs, religion, dreams, mojo, etc.

In lighter news:

Spent the weekend thrift shopping.  Scored a 20$ table and chairs set I'm refinishing for our apartment we're looking for:

They have these really awesome lilac cover cushions and the best wood grain when the black stain dries.  I'm (nerdy kinds of) excited.

Also, my moms kitty had Manx kittens, so I got to snuggle them this weekend(!!!):
12 Day Old Little Babies

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