Jan 23, 2013

Hodge Podge Wednesday

Hello little loves! I’ve been churning over things to write about—and I have that list in my head but when I get here none of it seems all that blog worthy. Do you ever notice something you’ve been doing long after you’ve been doing it? The other day I noticed I have a new habit of singing Patzy Cline when I’m cleaning/showering/alone. I think this has something to do with my recent (late) addiction to Lost, but either way it’s a stress reliever. What are your favorite tunes to belt out in the shower/car?

The last post (about Bryan and I) felt like a declaration to me, a honest to goodness heart pouring moment – and after a few comments (privately and one on the post) I think some people took away from that something different. I suppose that’s a risk you take with written communication of emotion right? Clarification is this: I know I didn’t say much about myself in that post, but that doesn’t mean I’m not (ridiculously) clear on who I am. I just meant that I wasn’t any of the things I described him as and that it’s part of what I think makes us beautiful together. I tried not to let that leave a bad taste in my mouth but it tastes a little bitter in there.

I’m working on adding a little more life to my days, even though I’m dog tired and work has been nuts lately. We had a dinner date with another couple we’re friends with last night and it made me think ‘oh yeah! I DO like being social. I forgot!’. I genuinely think working with people curbs my want to see people outside of work. I like being a hermit as of late. My cat makes really good company. Sometimes you just need a social cleanse. Think I’m back on the bandwagon though.

I recently decided I need to incorporate some new recipes that are ‘go to’ things when I’m not sure what to make. Bry and I get into this funk where we’ll eat the same 10 dishes. I think it’s because it’s easier not to think about it. What is your ‘go to meal’? Please share and help us!

Lastly, I’m prepping for my childhood best friends wedding. I get to (help) throw her bridal shower and I have been working out brunch ideas. Any cool ‘somethings’ you’ve done that were a hit?

Hope life is beautiful for you, readers. It’s been chilly here in WNY. It was 1 degree here when I woke up this morning. Don’t get me wrong, New York means cold snowy winters… I guess I just thought that meant 20’s and 30’s. Not wind chills of 20 below. That battle between my joint disease and artic temperatures wages on. OUCH.


Ps. Chopped 3 1/2" of hair off.


  1. you CHOP that hair neil. CHOPPIT

  2. My go-to meal would have to be tater tot casserole. It's just so easy, and I can use lots of leftovers for it (I've chopped up leftover hamburgers to use as the meat in it... and breakfast tri-taters work great as topping...)

    I just went to a baby shower brunch the other day, and they had the cutest orange juice! It was in little glass containers (like the ones for Starbucks drinks?) with red and white striped straws. So cute, and the little mini quiches they served were super yummy.

  3. Amen for social cleanses! I love those! I think your right, working around people makes you want to see people less after work. I need to break out of my cleanse though, I've gotten a bit carried away! Haha Oh! Go to dish- is TWO TIMING PASTA! Its so easy. One lb of penne noodles (cook according to box), one jar of alfredo sauce, one jar of marinara sauce and 2 cups mozzarella cheese (sometimes I shred chicken and put it in too but you dont have to)- mix it all together, put it in a pan and bake for 25 minutes. Then sprinkle with parmesan and wahlah! It's super cheap and easy and delicious!