Apr 15, 2012

I want to brighten your day in the worst way-- I can be sunshine.

My beautiful, smart, snuggly goddaughter Morgan

It's strange to me how we used to fear monsters under our bed as children, and now I fear monsters growing inside of children because of what someone has failed to save them from.   It's insane to me how a text message can make you smile until your cheeks hurt.  It is comforting to me to know that there are certain noises that are familiar and soothing: a door that creeks, how your dads footsteps sound when he's getting home from work, the way the coffee pot sounds in the morning.  I can't look at this world and lose hope, not when I can give it to so many.   I get so high on life itself, there's no need for any fillers or extras.  Life and love and learning--it's uplifting.  It takes disappointing lows and heart-wrenching unexpected turns to get you shaken to reality sometimes.

I am in this moment in my life feeling humbled, happy, hopeful.

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